Ester Vidal


Christmas is coming and I would like to propose you a game: write a story in collaboration with other people. The title is very simple, Snow, to avoid limiting your creativity.

It's very easy: just access the document and start writing, following the plot you find. You can write as much as you want: 1 sentence, 1 paragraph, 1 page... and as many times as you want.

The only rule: respect other people's work and don't change anything that has already been written.

Right now there are only three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. If you want to start a story in another language, send me an  e-mail with the first paragraph.


Start writing here:

English: SNOW

Spanish: NIEVE

Catalan: NEU


You can also make a drawing or add images. They should be related to the story and have no copyright (free stock).

You can collaborate until December 17th. On 22th I will publish the stories here, with a .pdf version that you can download, along with the list of participants.

If you want your name to appear, write it in the Authors box. Obviously, you can also participate anonymously or with a pseudonym.

Let your imagination run wild!