As every year, Seafood Expo will take place in Brussels from 24th to 26th April.


As all fish experts already know, this is the biggest seafood exhibition in Europe, where you can meet qualified buyers with strong purchasing power and connect with all your existent and future clients.

If you decided to attend or exhibit in Seafood this year, you are probably already preparing everything you need to make your time in Brussels a success for your company.

To expand to other markets, I strongly recommend translating some of your documentation to other languages. Before you begin, take your time to decide what you really need translating for Seafood. There’s no need to spend lots of money translating every paper you have in the marketing office, probably a small leaflet summarizing some important information is enough. If you have been there before, you know everybody is in a hurry and will not spend a lot of time with you.

Show your clients that they are important to you by giving them the information you want in their own language. I can assure you they will react faster and better if they understand perfectly what you mean.


Enjoy Seafood Expo!