About me


I like to get to know the people working with me, even if we are thousands of miles apart and normally communicate only by email or phone.

That’s why I would like to begin by briefly introducing myself: my name is Ester Vidal and I’m a translator. Here is a summary of my professional and personal experience. 


Ever since I was a small child, I have loved reading.  Before it was possible to buy everything with a single click, I remember chasing the owner of the village bookshop to get my hands on the latest book from my favorite collection. 
Many nights I stayed up late into the night reading in my room almost in the dark, until my parents spotted me and told me to go to sleep.


My passion for literature and natural curiosity for other cultures and languages were key to choosing what to study: I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, so I studied English and Italian Translation and Interpretation at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

I spent the second year of my degree at one of the most prestigious translation schools in Italy, the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori in Forlì.


After my degree, I wanted to learn German and travel around the world. I therefore went to Salzburg (Austria), where I lived for 4 years combining language teaching, translation and tourism-related jobs.

After my travels, and without completely abandoning translation, I worked as an export saleswoman in the fishing industry. This job allowed me to acquire new knowledge and, at the same time, keep improving my working languages.

I have been working exclusively in translation since 2017. 



As a translator, you never stop training. You learn new things with each project and must be up to date with new technologies and terminology.  Recently, I have completed courses about web translation, marketing, web positioning, humanitarian translation and translation for the fishing industry.

I’m not an agency, I’m a freelance translator.

That means I do all translations, proofreading and editing personally in my fields of expertise and language combinations.

Your project will never be outsourced to a different person. You will communicate directly with me and I will handle the translation. This ensures that information is not lost and that your instructions and preferences are respected.   
And last but not least, you cut out the middle man.