Creating any type of text, from a novel to a blog article, requires work and time, and we all leave our own mark during the writing process.
I respect the essence of the original text and take your style into account to achieve a faithful but natural translation in the target language.

I translate in the following language combinations:

            • English > Spanish

            • English > Catalan

            • Italian > Spanish

            • Italian > Catalan

            • German > Spanish

            • German > Catalan

            • Catalan > Spanish

            • Spanish > Catalan

I follow professional ethics and only translate to my native languages: Spanish and Catalan. For other language combinations, I work alongside native translators of other languages who are specialized in different fields to guarantee a high-quality service.




Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Proofreading is used to correct typographical, spelling, syntactic and grammatical errors and also to unify the use of different typographical resources.

I correct spelling mistakes, omissions or transpositions of characters, syntactic and grammatical errors, punctuation, abbreviations, symbols, accentuation errors and incorrect use of capital letters, italics or quotation marks. 

The aim is to correct errors to make a text easier to read.

Proofreading sample in Spanish:


Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Editing is used to polish the text and remove imperfections.

I rewrite complex sentences to avoid ambiguities, verify the correct use of verb tenses, make the text read naturally using discursive connectors or subordinate clauses and remove repetitions and redundant words, as well as vocabulary errors or inaccuracies.

The aim is to achieve a fluid text which sounds natural in the target language if it is a translation.

Editing sample in Catalan:



Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Writing texts for blogs, presentations for your company or even the description of your hotel in just 100 words is not always easy.

Maybe you've had a great idea, but when you see it written down it doesn’t seem so good, because maybe you haven't been able to express yourself well.

Sometimes you don't feel like writing an article for your company's blog every 15 days and you keep putting it off, so you just end up writing a Christmas card and a notification about the special summer opening hours.

Or perhaps, honestly, writing is not one of your greatest strengths. The only thing that you usually write are notes to remind you about pending tasks and WhatsApps where you use more emoticons than letters, and you don't even know how to start writing a presentation for your company that includes all the required information.

If you nodded while reading any of these examples, you have too much work or simply prefer someone else to do it for you, I have experience as a content writer, so I can write any text you need.

Explain your great ideas to me and I will bring them to life in a natural and well-structured text, obviously without spelling mistakes or style errors to help you capture the attention of potential customers and prevent them from forgetting you easily.