Content writing

Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Writing texts for blogs, presentations for your company or even the description of your hotel in just 100 words is not always easy.

Maybe you've had a great idea, but when you see it written down it doesn’t sound so good. This could be because you haven't been able to express yourself well.

Sometimes you just don't feel like writing articles for your company's blog and you keep putting it off. In the end, you just write Christmas cards and a notification about the special summer opening hours.

Or let’s be honest, perhaps writing is just not one of your greatest strengths. The only thing that you usually write are notes to remind you about things you need to remember to do and WhatsApps (and even then, you use more emojis than letters). Yet now you need to write a presentation for your company and include all the relevant information. Help! Where do I start?



If any of these examples sounds like you, or you have too much work or simply prefer someone else to do these tasks for you, look no further.

I have experience as a content writer and I can write any text you need.

Explain your great ideas to me and I will bring them to life in a natural and well-structured text, obviously free from spelling mistakes or style errors. Let’s work together to capture potential customers’ attention and make sure they don’t forget you easily.