To accompany you on every step of the journey and help you in all aspects of your project, my suitcase is packed full of specific experience. I'm sure my background will be beneficial to you.



My love of reading helps me to find the right words to make your text shine and get your readers hooked.

Featured projects

Translation: science fiction, comics, psychology collection, children's stories and instructions for board games and toys.

Proofreading and editing: children's stories, comic books, adventure novels, publications about collectables, business management books and history books.

Writing: children's stories.



I have practical experience in the field, having worked as a receptionist and reservations manager in several settings in Austria and Catalonia, including a tourist information office, museums and travel agencies.

I am therefore able to apply the correct terminology and I know how best to grab your customers’ attention.

Featured projects

Translation: restaurant, hotel and tourist information websites, restaurant menus, hotel booking computer programs and even a book about the history of a hotel.

Proofreading and editing: books about gastronomy, websites and all types of tourism documents.




I have a Teaching Aptitude Certificate and I have worked as a language teacher for both children and adults. This helps me to use age-appropriate vocabulary and to make educational content understandable.

Featured projects

Translation, proofreading and editing: textbooks of all subjects, educational applications, grammar books for adults, and educational and informative texts for a public health agency.

Writing: content for an online English academy blog. 


Although it is not one of my main areas of expertise, from time to time I dive into the exciting world
of fisheries to translate web pages, marketing texts or company catalogs,
drawing on my previous experience working as an export salesperson in this sector.