My main areas of expertise are:


I have translated science fiction, psychology books, comics and children’s books, both poetry and prose.

I have also proofread and edited all kind of texts, including a religious magazine, children’s stories, publications about collectables, business management books and installments of a historical fiction video game.   


I have practical experience in the field, having worked as a receptionist and reservations manager, in a tourist information office and in travel agencies, both in Salzburg and Spain.

I have translated restaurant, hotel and tourist information websites, restaurant menus, hotel reservation computer programs and even a book about the history of a hotel. I also proofread and edited gastronomy-related books and all types of tourism-related documents.




I have a Teaching Aptitude Certificate and I have worked as a language teacher for both children and adults.

I have translated, proofread and edited school books for all subjects, educational applications and grammar books for adults. I’ve also worked as a copywriter for an online English academy blog.



I have extensive professional experience as an export saleswoman in a fishing company, where I was in charge of the Italian, English and German markets.

I have translated webpages, blogs, commercial texts and marketing documents.  I have also worked as an interpreter in quality and sustainability audits, client visits and sectorial exhibitions.


Is your project completely different? I work alongside translators who specialize in other fields, and I can advise you, manage your project or help you choose the best professional for your needs.