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Do you want to travel with words?

My knowledge of translation, proofreading and content writing can help you with any project.

Words, and by extension, books, take you on a journey to other worlds. And the best part? You don’t even need to leave your couch! When you read, you enter a magical universe: within seconds you can become a monster, a mythological creature or a princess, and travel at top speed between a desert island and the depths of Mordor, or say ‘cheerio’ to Victorian London and board an alien ship.

To allow you to read authors from all over the planet, translators guide words between languages and cultures and take them from one point to another, while making sure they don’t lose their meaning. Professionally translated texts should sound as authentic as the original writer's work and give you the same sensations that those reading the original piece experience.

To embark on this fascinating journey, my suitcase is packed full of experiences related to my fields of expertise: tourism, literature and education.

Ready for the off?

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